We have been building CMMS Software since 1988 so we
know everything there is to know about CMMS Software.

PRO MAINTAINER™ is a computerized Maintenance Management System for scheduling and tracking preventive maintenance. It is used for plant maintenance, building maintenance, fleet maintenance and vehicle maintenance.

You can request a free Trial before buying our CMMS

Easy to learn and use, yet powerful

- An excellent VALUE
- Network ready at no extra cost
- Complete with Web Version included
- Full-featured and highly integrated
- Without surprises. NO extra modules to buy.
- Never obsolete, future releases are free

We think like Maintenance People

Designed by Plant Engineers for:

- Plant Engineers
- Maintenance
- Managers
- Supervisors
- Leadhands

Designed for use and used daily by:

- Plants and Factories
- Process Industry
- Schools
- Hospitals
- Building Maintenance
- Service Companies


Web Version Features

How it Works

The data stored in PRO MAINTAINER™ is accessible in the traditional way through the Desktop version of PRO  MAINTAINER™ or through an Internet Browser over the web.

The Desktop Version is the full program with all features, screens, reports and options.

PRO MAINTAINER™ is installed on your computer and accesses the data either directly on it or though a network  in your organization. This is fast and efficient.

The Web version allows access to the PRO MAINTAINER™ data through any Internet Browser. Only the main  functions, screens and reports are available. Because the data is accessed through the web, it will operate more  slowly.

Pro Maintainer Web Version Quick Overview

– Included standard with PRO MAINTAINER™ (no additional pricing)
– Convenient
– Does not require any Pro Maintainer software insalled on the
– computer
– No extra PRO MAINTAINER™ license required
– Access to PRO MAINTAINER™ data anywhere, anytime
– Secure (through login and password)

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