We have been building CMMS Software since 1988 so we
know everything there is to know about CMMS Software.

PRO MAINTAINER™ is a computerized Maintenance Management System for scheduling and tracking preventive maintenance. It is used for plant maintenance, building maintenance, fleet maintenance and vehicle maintenance.

You can request a free Trial before buying our CMMS

Easy to learn and use, yet powerful

- An excellent VALUE
- Network ready at no extra cost
- Complete with Web Version included
- Full-featured and highly integrated
- Without surprises. NO extra modules to buy.
- Never obsolete, future releases are free

We think like Maintenance People

Designed by Plant Engineers for:

- Plant Engineers
- Maintenance
- Managers
- Supervisors
- Leadhands

Designed for use and used daily by:

- Plants and Factories
- Process Industry
- Schools
- Hospitals
- Building Maintenance
- Service Companies


Get Help

We are here to support you and make it easy for you !


Telephone Support
Telephone support is available during office hours in the  Pacific time zone at (604) 944-7285.


Commissioning, Installation and  Training
Onsite Installation, Commissioining, Training  and Support by a Maintenance Expert is  available and is recommended for fast, easy  startup of the system.

It is priced at US $ 700 per day plus travel  expenses.

Annual Support Plan
After the initial 90 days of support, an Annual Support Plan is available. The support package includes:

– Telephone support for the coming year
– Free new releases for the year.

The PRO MAINTAINER™ Annual Support Plan costs a low US$ 37 per month.


How to get PRO MAINTAINER™  Upgrades
The best way to receive PRO MAINTAINER™  upgrades is on our website. This method is fast  and cost effective.

You will receive a login name and password  from CanaTech Consulting upon purchasing Pro  Maintainer.


How to send us your PRO MAINTAINER™  Files
If you are a current, registered PRO MAINTAINER™  customer, go to SUPPORT – UPLOADS and follow the  easy instructions to send us your files.


User Recommendations and Suggestions
We listen to your suggestions!

Suggestions or ideas on how to improve PRO MAINTAINER™  can be made to CanaTech Consulting.

– New “custom” reports for FREE
– Format changes to existing reports
– Text changes to screens
– Changes to Online Help or the printed User Manual
– Adding fields to a data base file
– Changes that make PRO MAINTAINER™ easier to use