We have been building CMMS Software since 1988 so we
know everything there is to know about CMMS Software.

PRO MAINTAINER™ is a computerized Maintenance Management System for scheduling and tracking preventive maintenance. It is used for plant maintenance, building maintenance, fleet maintenance and vehicle maintenance.

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Easy to learn and use, yet powerful

- An excellent VALUE
- Network ready at no extra cost
- Complete with Web Version included
- Full-featured and highly integrated
- Without surprises. NO extra modules to buy.
- Never obsolete, future releases are free

We think like Maintenance People

Designed by Plant Engineers for:

- Plant Engineers
- Maintenance
- Managers
- Supervisors
- Leadhands

Designed for use and used daily by:

- Plants and Factories
- Process Industry
- Schools
- Hospitals
- Building Maintenance
- Service Companies


About Us


PRO MAINTAINER™ is a cost-effective Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for industrial  plants, facilities and maintenance service companies. It was built to help Maintenance crews manage their  activities in a more effective, consistent method.

PRO MAINTAINER™ celebrated its 24th Birthday in 2012. It was originally developed by Compu-Assist Services  in a manufacturing plant by a Plant Engineer. The original DOS version, written in DBase 3 was first introduced to  the market in 1988.

Later, Pro Maintainer was redesigned by the same team into a Windows version. PRO MAINTAINER™ is  continually improved and upgraded and today,PRO MAINTAINER™ is our best and most powerful version ever.

A Desktop version that can also be accessed on the Internet through any Web Browser was introduced in 2007.

Our Key Customers include Manufacturing Plants, Process Plants, Hospitals, Schools and Building Maintenance for  Residences. Our Customers are located in North America and Internationally.

Who We Are

CanaTech Consulting is the exlusive worldwide Distributor and Support for PRO MAINTAINER™.

With combined work experience of over 50 years in Plant Engineering, Maintenance & Production Management and  Maintenance Consulting, we offer a full range of maintenance consulting services.

We offer practical solutions by professionals who understand MAINTENANCE. Our goal is to work with maintenance departments in both industry and facilities to improve their departments  performance through the use of EFFECTIVE AND APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY. In most cases this involves the use of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

All Maintenance consulting services are offered on a “time & material basis”. This includes, but is NOT limited to:

– Supply of CMMS Project Manager on short-term contract to get PRO MAINTAINER™ running
in the shortest time.
– Supply of Maintenance Manager services under a short-term contract.
– Maintenance Department audits to pinpoint ways to make your maintenance department
more effective
– Designer and reseller of high quality CMMS software Pro Maintainer.

CMMS Project Consulting:

– Prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP)
– Define Maintenance Department software needs
– Establish objectives for the CMMS project
– Prepare a CMMS budget
– Coordinate implementation
– Install and on-site training
– Prepare or proof of source documents for quick data entry
– Review existing data, PM tasks & work procedures